404 Magazine

404 Magazine

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A zine that explores the intersection of UX writing and poetry.

404 Magazine is based on the premise that UX writing is poetry, or at least has a lot in common with poems. We take error messages, microcopy, onboarding screens, and other various pieces of UX writing, and refactor the words so it reads like poetry. Maybe, just maybe, it changes or enhances the meaning.


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Do you have a favorite good or bad error message? Encounter a message in an app or on a website that speaks more than maybe it intends to? Send it in! We’ll run it with your attribution, and send you a comp copy of the zine.

Issue 3, featuring original poetry, is on sale now!

Collected during April — National Poetry Month — Issue 3 is longer and contains original poetry and human/computer algorithm collaborations! Featuring an amazing retro-style cover by illustrator Brian Sterling Lewis.

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