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👀 What we're looking for

  • A screenshot of an app or a website that's particularly good, bad, or one that just makes you think.
  • An original poem about an app or website message or experience. It can be:
    • In the style of another poet (please let us know who)
    • A poem with a particular structure (like a sonnet, limerick or haiku)
    • A poem all your own with your own structure
  • OR a piece of original artwork that ties into our theme — related to apps, websites, or old computing that's tied to existential pain or joy.
    • (Please note that our zines are handmade and will probably be printed in black and white on a laser printer)

We're a very small operation — I'm one guy with a laser printer, stapler, paper cutter and a sheet of stamps — and we charge only as much as it costs to print and ship, so I can't pay you for your submission. I can sing your praises far and wide and send you comp copies, though!

📧 Questions?

If you have any questions before submitting, email Andy Welfle, your fearless editor, at andy@welfle.com.